Hubby always tries to give me a nice day.  He mentioned yesterday that he hadn't gotten me a present, but I don't need anything so it's okay!  I just like to be noticed as a Mom now and then.  He's taking me out to dinner- I shaved my legs for the occasion and dug out one of my long dresses - so why exactly did I shave my legs?


Actually, I don't shave them.  I bought an epilator, which pulls the hair out by the roots.  It really doesn't hurt, it sort of tingles.  And I don't have to do it as often - every week and a half or so compared to every three days.


Our daughter is coming for a very short visit the end of this month.  My father-in-law is getting an honorary document of some sort because he never graduated from high school, although he wanted to - he had his gall bladder out right before his junior year and by the time he was well enough to go back, it was too late in the year, then the war started and he was needed on the farm and had to take care of his parents and sister while his brothers were in the service.  His health still wasn't good, so it was all he could do to keep the home fires burning!  I'm not excactly sure what this document is going to say, but it's being presented to him at a school board meeting on the 31st and he's so excited about it!  Our daughter is coming down for the presentation, but she's an accountant and has to be at work on the 1st of the month.  She will be driving all night to get back to Oshkosh!  I hope my father-in-law will take time to appreciate her effort on his behalf - but I doubt it.


My husband is very upset about this whole presentation thing because he thinks his dad is getting something he never earned.  I don't think so.  I don't believe it's going to be an honorary diploma.  Anyhoo, we'll see.  We'll also find out how many people we can cram into Dad's living room in the trailer.

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