Be Careful what you Wish For! A story

What Larry thought:


That Sharon - what a looker she is!  I'd never have a chance with a girl like her.  Larry positioned himself in a group of strangers and watched for Sharon to come outside after her swimming class.  The swimming class was Larry's favorite - Sharon coming out with her long wet hair pulled back in a pony tail, her beautiful face shining with good health.  Luckily, his little group of strangers began to walk along not too far behind Sharon as she went toward her next class in the science building.  Larry didn't know where she went in there because he couldn't get inside without a student I.D.  That would be settled soon.  He had applied for and been accepted into one class, a drawing class for next summer. The class would start in six weeks and he should have all his student info and his I.D. in another three weeks or so.  He could hardly wait to get inside that science building and all the other buildings where Sharon went without him.  I suffer from separation anxiety, just like her dog, he said to himself and laughed.


While Sharon was in the science building, Larry went to the food truck on the corner and bought some breakfast - a bean burrito with extra cheese and sour cream - and ate it sitting on a bench that faced the door where Sharon would come out again. It seemed to Larry as though she stayed in the science building a lot longer than usual.  Was this her lab day?  He consulted the schedule.  No, lab day was tomorrow.  Then he saw her coming out the door with a man.  This guy was huge!  Larry cringed at the thought of having to fight him, even for Sharon.  Maybe she isn't the perfect girl after all, Larry thought.  But then Sharon turned and look straight at him.  She looked him right in the eye, smiled and tossed her hair before turning back to her Adonis.  Then he knew the truth.  She was using this guy to make him jealous!  All this time he had been afraid to approach her, but she must have noticed him and was at least interested enough to encourage him.


Tonight's the night, finally, thought Larry as he hurried home.  He would miss seeing Sharon come out of her last three classes, but he had to make preparations.  He had to look good when he approached her at the Student Union that night.  He took a long hot shower and dressed in his best shirt and pants, which he always kept clean and sharp, the creases in his pants just perfect and his shirt collar lightly starched, just in case he got a chance to talk to Sharon.  He slicked back his hair with a little bacon grease (He loved the smell!) and put a dab of makeup on a new zit on the side of his nose.  There, he thought, she will never see that.


Larry walked the three miles to the Student Union, going slowly so he wouldnt get sweaty.  He bought himself a roast beef sandwich and a Coke and sat in a corner where he could see both entrances.  He knew that Sharon didn't usually show up until after eight o'clock in the evening, but he had to be sure he wouldn't miss her.  He was on his third Coke refill when he spotted her coming in the main entrance with a group of girls.  She was wearing his favorite yellow dress.   Larry waited and watched while the girls all sat at one of those weird tall tables with stools for seats.  He continued to wait while all six girls had finished two drinks.  That ought to relax her inhibitions sufficiently for me to at last get a few words in before she shoots me down, he thought.


Larry wiped his sweaty hands on a napkin and stood.  He looked down at the crease in his pants and when he looked up, Sharon was standing before him, a vision in daffodil yellow, her brown eyes glowing and her beauful arm extended toward him with her graceful hand waiting to take his in hers.  Larry nearly fainted, but Sharon laughed her beautiful laugh and asked to join him.  He rushed around the table to seat her and she called him a gentleman!


They sat and chatted about various inconsequential subjects.  Larry was having a hard time concentrating on the conversation because he could see down the fron of Sharon's dress every time she leaned toward him, and she leaned toward him a lot!  After about fifteen minutes, Larry blurted, "Sharon, let's get out of here and go to my place.  It's a ways off, but we can take a cab."


"Let's go to my dorm instead," she said.  "My roommate has gone home for the weekend and we'll have the room all to ourselves.  I'll pop some corn and we can watch a movie."


Larry was beside himself as he quickly agreed.  He stood to walk to the dorm with her, but she motioned for him to stay seated.  "I'll go on ahead and straighten up the room a little and change clothes.  Give me half an hour and then come on ahead.  I'm in the Faulkner Dorm, room 210."  And then she walked quickly from the room without giving him a chance to disagree with anything she had said - not that he would ever disagree with anything she said!


Larry managed to wait for twenty minutes before he set out for the Faulkner Dorm.  He had already known her room number, of course, but he thought she probably understood that he did.  He went in the side entrance, just making it before the door was locked at eleven o'clock.  Up the stairs he went, taking the steps two at a time.  When he reached her door, he knocked softly, just two raps, and was thrilled to hear Sharon say, "Come in, Larry, the door's not locked."


What Sharon thought:


There's that creep again, the one with the greasy hair.  I swear, he must use bacon grease on it - I can smell it from here!  Sharon made her way quickly to the science building, where she knew the weirdo couldn't get inside.  After class, she hung around until her cousin Paul got out of his lab, then he walked her to the dorm.  Sharon loved the look on Creepy's face when he saw Paul with her.


"You should report this guy to the police," said Paul.  He always worried about Sharon.


"I did, Paul, but they said they can't do anything unless he threatens me.  He keeps his distance, so I'm just stuck with him, I suppose."


But that didn't satisfy Paul.  He thought a lot about her situation, then brought his idea to Sharon one afternoon.


Sharon's eyes sparkled.  "What a wonderful idea!  But isn't that illegal?"


"Probably," said Paul, "But who's going to believe him over you?"


And so Sharon approached Creepy's table in the student union and inited him to her doorm room, then scuttled in ahead of him.  The plan wouldn't work if people saw her going into her room with him.  She waited, shaking a little from fear and anticipation, sitting on her desk chair, which she had turned to face the door.


Sharon heard Creepy approaching, heard his little knock.  She aimed her shotgun at knee level and called pleasantly, "Come in, Larry.  The door's not locked." 


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Comments (7)

  1. sarahb1218

    Is there going to be more to this eventually? I liked it…I hope she’s not going to kill him.

    August 08, 2017
    1. Bettymom

      Nope, that’s all there is. She’s not going to kill him, she’s going to shoot him in the knees, crippling him for life. They make quite a pair, don’t they?

      August 08, 2017
  2. dincali

    it’s different. i kinda got sidetracked w/the changing of names, Mrs. B
    “Tonight’s the night, finally, thought Larry as he hurried home. He would miss seeing “Sarah” come out of her last three classes, but he had to make preparations. and this line too
    “But that didn’t satisfy Paul. He thought a lot about her situation, then brought his idea to “Mary” one afternoon." who is Mary? i understand the typo with Sharon to Sarah…but Mary threw me.

    August 08, 2017
    1. Bettymom

      Yikes! I was too tired to read back through it – I always read back through it!! I get “Sarah” too – she’s in my last book but I don’t know who the hell “Mary” is!!

      August 08, 2017
      1. sarahb1218

        Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

        August 08, 2017
        1. Bettymom


          August 08, 2017
      2. dincali


        August 09, 2017